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About Susan Laing

Susan Laing initially trained as a Podiatrist, before coming to study in natural medicine, which was inspired through her own poor health. She studied with 3 different iridology colleges, and laterally with one of the top leading iridologists in the world. She is also trained in naturopathy, nutritional healing, cell rejuvenation, is a public speaker, and, is an author of Love Your Liver Feel ALIVER.

It was when Susan came across Dr David Jubb, the top leading nutritionist, Microscopist and blood formation specialist, and physiologist, that, she became aware of the missing links in the field of health. Susan now facilitates liver/gallbladder cleansing retreats and coaching with ancient naturopathic body readings.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – Hippocrates

Love Your Liver Feel ALIVER book

A beautifully colourful illustrated book with LifeFood recipes, with health advice on inflammatory bowel conditions and candida.It also contains easy to understand diagrams and instructions.  Including a fantastic, powerful, and rejuvenating liver and gallbladder cleanse, including Dr David Jubb’s 14 Day Nutritional Fast/Feast. Goitrogen and Nightshade free

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LifeFood plus: Change & Transform Your Life with LifeFood; Cell rejuvenation; Liver Cleanse 1-1 coaching

Did you know: In the right friendly ferment, it can grow through a process of aggregation, fusion and differentiation of colloidal material, increasing from 1 to 7 million in just 24 hours! – Dr David Jubb

LifeFood is organic, wild and non-hybridized; is 80% alkaline/20% acidic; it contains natural paciferin, that ecosteralizes against mold, fungus and yeast; it contains spare electrons, blood borne inhibitor and antioxidants; LifeFood creates LifeForce. See more on LifeFood page.

The Eyes are the windows to the soul. A person’s eyes reveal your genetic blueprint!

Become empowered after one iridology consultation! When we are given knowledge about our core genetic tendencies, including any emotional blocks. We  have the capacity to change up to 80% of our genetics – Epigenetics. This is helped by including cell rejuvenation; optimal nutrition; lifestyle change; and awareness of vibrational thoughts; whole brain functioning; and much more.

Feel Aliver Cell Rejuvenation Detox Retreats

If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

As we cleanse and rejuvenate the body, we can learn how to integrate more awareness, and tune into our other senses, by adding liver/gallbladder cleansing, and, adding the most delicious, and easy to digest LifeFood recipes. As our body begins to feel healthier and more filled with LifeForce, we can feel more joy in our lives. Health is wealth.

We have 100% pure, natural formulas all created from nature by Dr David Jubb. These formulas have no binders, fillers or petrochemicals; everything is 100% nature. We are nature and heal with nature.

Ground breaking alchemy at its best! Every ingredient is in a natural bioavailable state, reaching all aspects of the cell to gain longevity and vitality.